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Speakout 2ND EDITION
Автор: Antonia Clare, Frances Eales, Steve Oakes, J.J. Wilson
Видавництво: Pearson
Speakout 2ND EDITION

Speakout 2ND EDITION is the new edition of a well-known and awarded course, written for older teenagers and adult students.


The new edition includes:

·        New BBC material,

·        New articles and video content, 

·        New grammar exercises,

·        New pronunciation section with a wider range of pronunciation features, 

·        Clearer design, making navigation through the book easy,

·        New images, helping to introduce students to the subject of the lesson in an effective and attractive way, 

·        Upgraded MyEnglishLab, which helps to track and measure students’ progress 


Speakout 2ND EDITION 

·        Builds communication skills that are essential for study and the workplace 

·        Develops all skills comprehensively

·        Reinforces assessment, measuring progress and feedack for students,

·        Includes BBC podcasts with interviews carried out on London streets, which let students get familiar with authentic language and learn interaction in everyday communication situations,

·        Enriched by Interactive Whiteboard Software

·        ActiveTeach which makes the lessons more attractive and helps the teacher adjust exercises to the needs and interests of the group.


ActiveTeach contains everything you need to help the course come alive in the classroom. It is a complete set of audio and video content in one place.

·        It includes integrated whiteboard software that allows you to add notes, embed files, save your work and reduce preparation time.

·        A zoom in function is particularly useful when working with images or explaining grammar issues and exercises to a group. 

·        Includes addittional exercises and games to help revise and consolidate the language.

·        ActiveTeach can be used on a computer and projector. 

MyEnglishLab is a new generation online component, which complements the leading course.

·        More effective education - MyEnglishLab thanks to interactive exercises and on-line tools helps to motivate students more effectively. They will find hints, receive instant feedback on results and grades, and decide on their pace of learning. 

·        Easy progress evaluation - Evaluation sheet and diagnostic tools, included in MyEnglishLab, give immediate feedback on students’ progress and difficulties. The report of typical mistakes allows to decide which language aspects require additional work and helps adjust the course to individual needs. 

·        Flexibility - MyEnglishLab helps you to learn the language in any place at any time as well as choose tasks and tests, which meet students’ needs best. The teacher can assign tasks to students’ individual needs to help them achieve their goals more effectively. 


IMPORTANT:  MyEnglishLab access code is valid for 21 months since its activation. 



Visit Speakout 2ND Edition website to find more information including:


·        Hints for teachers how to make most of BBC video clips with extra downloadable materials.

·        Correlation charts of each Speakout 2ND Edition level with the GSE scale (Global Scale of English), CEF and external exams, 


·        Authors’ comment with methodology hints 

·        Speakout Extra provides a bank of additional downloadable exercises for you to use in class: Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Writing, Listening, Reading and Speaking.

Do you know that your Speakout 2ND EDITION helps you prepare your students for PTE General?  

Now teachers preparing students for international language certificate PTE General can use special correlation charts, which carefully explain where in the Speakout course teachers will find exam-type tasks, vocabulary and grammar structures required and tested at the exam. Correlation charts help teacher plan the course and elaborate on exercises which students need to be familiar with before the exam experience.  

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