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Proficiency Expert
Видавництво: Pearson Longman
Proficiency Expert

The course features include:

· Exam-level practice from the beginning of the year

· Lots of focus on all skills needed in the new CPE exam

· Step-by-step strategies for speaking and writing

· Additional listening practice on the Audio CDs included with the Coursebook

· Strong emphasis on language chunks and advanced Vocabulary building

· Expert Word Check boxes that help students develop their vocabulary

· Extra practice on Use of English exam tasks

· Extra support for the new Writing task

· Lively and contemporary approach to CPE topics


Support for the students and teachers:

· Teacher's Resource Materials includes over 100 pages with extra photocopiable materials, such as communicative activities and extra Exam practice papers.

· Class Audio material which includes the recordings form the Coursebook, Students' Recource Book and Teacher's Resource Materials.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Teacher's materials are only available online. Please, contact your local Pearson Consultant to receive the access.


· NEW: Active Teach - interactive whiteboard software providing everything the teacher needs on one disc, including Testmasters.

· Students' Resource Book: extensive additional material that enables students to consolidate and enrich their language and practise exam skills

· Additional interactive exercices incuded on the CD-ROM.

· Access codes for the iTests to provide extra exam training.


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